Anti Nuke Action / Friday Campaign by Parmanu Bamb Virodhi Andolan
(Movement against nuclear arms)

June 5th 1998, New Delh

Dear friends,

After the effective silent protest action on Friday 31st at Patel Chowk

condemming both the Indian and Pakistani nuclear tests, over a hundred

people , from diverse organisations including womens groups,human rights

organisations, workers groups, students and concerned individuals

gathered at Red Fort on Friday the 6th of June as part on the planned

ongoing campaign.

Carrying placards which included new slogans such as "Dayen bayen Bhuke

Hum, Aage bam, peeche Bam, 'kya chahiya bole hum, na hindu na muslim

bam','Dil to hae hi nahin, akal bhi kam, muh pe ram ram, bagal me bam'

along with 'Let us celebrate life not death, Say no to nuclear

weapons' 'Remember Hiroshima' 'India Pakistan Stop this madness', we

marched in silence from Red Fort to Gurdwara Sis Ganj and took up

positions on either side of the central road divider which runs down the

main street of the busy commercial area of Chandini Chowk.We stood in

silence for one hour holding our placards and distributing a pamphlet in

hindi (which we will forward once it is ready in English).

Several thousand people saw us - and reactions ranged from the thumbs up

sign to cries of ' you anti-nationals' to discussions over the pamphlet.

Encouraged and energised by the large turnout, and that many new people

had joined the campaign, we are now working towards next Friday when we

will appear and stand in mourning once again in another part of the

city. We hope to be able to sustain this over the all fridays upto the

6th of August,Hiroshima Day.

warm regards,


PBVA, Parmanu Bamb Virodhi Andolan
(Movement against nuclear arms)

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