Report of Peace Demo in Delhi organised by the PARMANU BOMB VIRODHI ANDOLAN [Movement Against Nuclear Weapons]
29th May 1998

This evening at peak traffic hour a group of about a hundred people
gathered at Patel Chowk to protest against the escalation of tension in
the subcontinent following the Indian and Pakistani nuclear tests. They
stood silently and peacefully around the traffic circle holding up
placards for commuters in buses, scooters and cars which read:
Ab na Hindustan na Pakistan, Dono banenge Kabristan,"
and "
daayen baayen bhookey hum, aagey
bomb peechay bomb

Below is a press statement which was released after the action.

1. We unequivocally condemn the Pakistani nuclear tests as we have
unequivocally condemned the Indian nuclear tests at Pokhran. We do not
care whether the bomb is Indian or Pakistani or Chinese. We demand a
nuclear weapons-free south Asia.

2. This sudden spiraling of tensions in the region has been caused by
the deliberate whipping up of jingoism and the provocative statements by
the minority BJP regime that has for the second time in less than a
decade violated the sanctity of the Constitution of India. In the Prime
Minister s statement of having tackled "bhay (fear), bhrashtachaar
(corruption) and bhookh (hunger)" we wish to point out that fear was
not an issue until May 11, and that for the present regime hunger seems
to be the last priority.

3. The earlier stand that the tests are meant to be a deterrent has
proved to be false. We now fear that when the BJP says that its nuclear
policy stands vindicated they will use the excuse of the Pakistani tests
to induct and deploy nuclear warheads, This will only lead to the
escalation of tensions and the beginning of a nuclear arms race that no
one can afford.

4. We appeal to all Indians concerned with the peace and stability of
the south Asian region to press the Government of India that they will
not weaponise, instead India must lead the world in global disarmament
by choosing to unilaterally dismantle its nuclear weapons program.

5. We extend our hand of friendship and solidarity across the border to
those Pakistani sisters and brothers who, like us, are challenging the
anti-people policies of both governments of Pakistan and India.

PBVA Parmanu Bomb Virodhi Andolan
(Movement Against Nuclear Weapons)

302 Elite House, Zamrudpur Commercial Complex, New Delhi 110048, India.