Peace Petition [from Pakistan]
Dated: June 2,1998

We reject the claim by the government of Pakistan that it's nuclear weapons tests were justified because of the existence and testing of nuclear weapons in India. We similarly reject the claim made by the government of India that it's nuclear weapons were justified by those of others. In the same way that murder does not justify more murder, seeking a capability to carry out mass destruction cannot be justified by saying that others already have it.

We believe that by their actions, the governments of India and Pakistan have increased the possibility that nuclear threats may be made, and nuclear weapons deployed and used in South Asia. In a region that is home to one fifth of humanity, this would be a catastrophe so great that it can barely be imagined and must be prevented.

We believe there can be no justification for any state to engage in activities that allow it to design, develop, test and rnaintain nuclear weapons since these are fundamentally weapons of terror and mass destruction. These weapons are repugnant to civilized society. The only acceptable solution to the threats posed by existing nuclear weapons is not more nuclear weapons but the abolition of all such weapons.

We believe our felow citizens of Pakistan, and the world as a whole, must respond to this grave crisis and that four responses are required:

  1. We call on the government of Pakistan to give a binding commitment that it will not further test, develop or deploy nuclear weapons.

  2. We call on the government of India to do the same.

  3. We call upon the governments of Pakistan and India to enter into dialogue to resolve outstanding disputes so that a sound basis can be laid for peace and development in the region.There are two underlying issues which need to be addressed immediatelv in regard with normalisation of relations between Pakistan and lndia. First and foremost is the Kashmir Dispute. This issue needs to resolved according to the wishes of the people of Kashmir. Existing policies and positions of both Indian and Pakistani states remain untenable and illegitimate without and expressed mandate of the Kashmiri people. Second, to move towards substantive peace between the two countries, it is imperative that states of India and Pakistan, stop forthwith, moulding public opinion towards hatred of the other on the basis of communal, religious, cultural or other grounds.

  4. We call on the nuclear weapons states to immediately and publicly declare that they will uphold their binding commitments under article VI of the NPT and initiate negotiations on an international Convention to ban all nuclear weapons

Signed by:

Tahir Mohd. Khan, Mrs Razia Rubab, Dr. Syed Amiruddin, Dr. Khudadad Khan, Abdul Jan Jamaldini, Prof. Tamkeen Abbasi, Dr. Zulfiqar Gilani, Afrasyab Khattak, Mukhtar Bacha, Gul Rehman, Ismat ShahJehan, Shahrukh Rafi Khan, Saba Gul Khattak, Kaisar Bengali, Ahmed Salim, Omar Asghar Khan, A.H. Nayyar, Dr. Tariq Rehman, Prof. Eqbal Ahmed, Nasreen Azhar, Naghma Jawaid, Sarwar Bari, Dr. Zafar Mirza, Zahid Islam, Mohammad Tehseen, Husain Naqi, Shahid Kardar, Khawar Mumtaz, Naila Hussain, Fauzia Rauf, Prof. Karrar Hissien, M.B. Naqvi, Anwer Abbas, Nabi Ahmed, Dr. Aly Ereclwan, Mr. Karamat Ali, B.M. Kutty, Khalid Ahmed, Sheema Kirmani, Latif Kapadia, Arif Hassan, Abdullah I Memon, Prof. S. Haroon Ahmed, Lt. Gen. (R) Talat Masood, Iqbal Masud, Khadim Hussein, M. Shujaullah, Fawad-ul-Haq, Khaled Ahmed, Waheed-ud-Deen, Isa Daudpota, Hassan Rizvi, H.K. Mir, Francisco, Terrence Siazmenz, Dr. Zafar Mirza, Mansoor Usman, Asim Awan, Richard Ponzio, S. Hamdani, Shadya, Saadia Munir, John Serange, I. Hassan, Mubarik Ahmed, Syed M. Hamid, Iqbal Bali, Akhter Mahmood, Qurang Zali, M. Zaidi, Ashrad Rizvi, Naveed, Muhammad Shamim, Shahid Sharif, Susan Carl, Yasmeen Mitha, Ahmed Afzal, Samra Fayyzuddin, Foqia Sadiq Khan, Zubair Murshed, Safiya Aftab, Jehangir Shah, Shakeel Ahmed, Bakhtawar Mian, Omar Tufail, Uzma Tariq, Farzan Bari, Sajid Kazmi, Fayyaz-ud-Din, Abbas Hassan, Danish Mustafa, A; Rashid, A. Rashid, Naveed Asghar, Tahir Ahmed, Seema Pervaiz, Muhammad Pervaiz, Aisha Ghaznavi, Jennifer Bennett, Zarina Salamat, Sohail Sardar, Salman Hassan, Tazeen Bari, Hajira Ahmed, Asha Amirali, Usman Hameed, Shama Usman, Samina Ahmed, Majd Munir, Filza Samiullah, Ammar Qureshi, Sabina Ahmed, Farzana Ayaz, Father Arnold Heredia, Ms. Zohra Yusuf, Anis Haroon, Rahat Saeed, Nazim Haji, Asad Sayeed Dr. Zaki Hassan, Ghulam Kibria, Dr. Sayed Tariq Sohail, Baseer Naveed, Mishka Zaman, Innayatullah

[Some 200 people have already signed on this compaign and figure is still