South Asians Against Nukes

An independent platform to raise awareness against the menace of military and civil nuclearisation in India and Pakistan

As Pakistani and Indian Citizens we hold our hands of friendship across borders to challenge the nuclear jingoism and war hysteria constantly launched by both our governments

[ Last updated on April 18, 2012 ]

This web site was set up [soon after the Nuclear tests conducted by India on May 11, 1998] to bring together information resources for peace and anti-nuclear activists from all over South Asia.

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The Nuclear Wargasm by Tomi Ungrer
The Nuclear Wargasm
[Pakistan] "Mine is Bigger"
[India] "Ha! But Mine is Longer"

India Pakistan Arms Race and MilitarisationWatch Mailing List

A Pakistani woman holds a poster during a peace rally sponsored by a non governmental organization in Multan, Pakistan, on Sunday, June 9, 2002. Tension remains high on the Indian-Pakistan border. (AP Photos/Khalid Tanveer)

Pakistan and India Under the Nuclear Shadow
A video documentary from the Eqbal Ahmad Foundation

Produced and directed by Pervez Hoodbhoy; script by Zia Mian (33 Min. / 2001)
[A film review by Teresa Joseph]

o o o

War & Peace / Jang Aur Aman
by Anand Patwardhan (165 minutes / Color / 2002)

[ A Quicktime Clip from War & Peace / Jang Aur Aman ]

Sign Anti-Nuclear Petition

A global signature campaign for the immediate, unconditional and unilateral abolition of nuclear weapons.


Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace

 Movement in India
for Nuclear Disarmament

Indian Scientists Against Nuclear Weapons

Movement Against Uranium Project (MAUP)


The Action Committee Against Arms Race

Citizens Peace Committee

Pakistan Peace Coalition

An Essay Contest:
For South Asian Youth Against the Bomb

by AMAN Peace Pals Project (Bombay)

A Discussion list called South Asians for Peace:
on the Web at
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on Anti Nuke Actions on South Asia

Ban the Bomb

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The Buddha would not have smiled (Anti nuclear poster, 1998 New Delhi)

Slogans at Demos
by the Movement Against Nuclear Weapons - Delhi

No Water, No Jobs, No Problem We have the Bomb!


Ab Na Hindustan Na Pakistan,
Dono Banenge Kabristan !

Kya Chahiya Bole Hum,
Na Hindu Bam
Na Muslim Bam !

Dil to Hae hi Nahin,
Akal bhi Kam,
Muh pe Ram,
Bagal me Bam !

Placards held by school children at
Hiroshima and Nagasaki day demos:

We Want To Grow Up
Dont Want To Blow Up!


Slogans at the
Sit-in in Bombay:


Buddha would not have
smiled !

The Fascists smiled !
Only morons smiled !


Iconography of Hate & War

Pictures and images celebrating the N. Bomb and Missiles in Pakistan


Oil tanker with the Pakistan bomb et painted on it


Ghauri Missile

Celebrating the Bomb in Karachi May 2002

Shaheen Missile

A Bus in Pakistan in 2001

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Similar Nuclear Nationalism and false pride in weapons of Mass Destruction in India

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A Journal for a Nuclear Energy Free India

Nuclear Power No thanks

Map of Nuclear Power Reactors in India (and Pakistan)


If You Love This Planet
Terre Nash, 1982, 25 min 50 s
This Oscar-winning short film is comprised of a lecture given to students by outspoken nuclear critic, Dr. Helen Caldicott


Bhabha-Nehru dream and our (and their also) Children’s Nightmare
by People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (13 April

Following Quake in Indonesia PMANE demands immediate halt of work at KKNPP
by People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (12 April

Jayantha Dhanapala on CTBT - Debate in The Hindu
(8 April

India: PMANE Expert Committee On Safety, Feasibility And Alternatives To Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP)
by People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (4 April

India: Petition to Atomic Energy Regulatory Board regarding Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project
by People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (27 March

India: Seven Day action in Delhi and Nationwide Protests In Support of Anti-Nuclear Struggle In Koodankulam
(26 March

India: National Fishworkers’ Forum’s (NFF) open letter to the Prime Minister on the Koodankulam Nuclear Plant
(23 March

India: Against repression of a mass movement in Tamil Nadu - statement in solidarity with fellow citizens
(22 March

India: No to Government Crackdown at Koodankulam - CNDP Statement
by CNDP (20 March

India: Tamil Nadu caves in to nuclear lobby
- Alert sounded as repression begins on anti nuclear movement
(19 March

Pakistan: Some learned from Fukushima. Did we?
by Pervez Hoodbhoy (12 March 2012)

Stop Nuclear Energy Pursuit Demands Pakistan Peace Coalition, On First Anniversary of Fukushima
by Pakistan Peace Coalition (10 March

India: Statement from Eminent Citizens on Harassment of Anti Nuclear Activists in Koodankulam
(5 March

India: Towards a nuclear police state?
by Praful Bidwai, 5 March

No more Fukushima, Not in Koodankulam, Nor Anywhere Else
Press release and Text of Letter to Prime Minister of India (10 March 2012)

CNDP Statement against India’s Denial of Visa to Fukushima Victim
by CNDP (9 March

India: Statement from Eminent Citizens on Harassment of Anti Nuclear Activists in Koodankulam
(5 March

India: Citizens’ Statement Against Prime Minister’s Malicious Comment on Koodankulam Struggle
(27 February

India: Uranium Corporation of India Ltd. Stop Victimising Union Activists
by NTUI  (24 February

India: Press Release - People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy
by People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (10 February

India: Statement against violence on anti-nuclear protesters in Koodankulam
(3 February 2012)

India: PUCL Press statement condemns violence against Kudanakulam nuclear power plant protestors
(1 February 2012)

Pakistan’s rush for more bombs — why?
by Pervez Hoodbhoy
(31 January 2012)

Reject the Bribery Scheme on Koodankulam nuclear power project
by People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (15 January


People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy Expert Team’s Letter to Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu
by PMANE, 30 December 2011  (18 November, 2011)

Statement on Circumvention of Supplier’s Liability under the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act, 2010
by CNDP (18 November, 2011)

Letter to Australian Prime Minister re Uranium Exports to India (17 November 2011)

Tribute to J Sri Raman
by CNDP (12 November 2011)

India: Low-level nuclear deception
by Praful Bidwai
(12 November 2011)

India: Why Koodankulam is untenable
by Suvrat Raju and M. V. Ramana
(12 November 2011)

Koodankulam: Letter to Government of India’s expert panel from the anti nuclear movement
by People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy Tuesday (8 November 2011)

India: Misinformation campaign by the nuclear establishment
Citizen's Statement on Koodankulam (4 November 2011)

India: Interview with SP Udayakumar, People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy
Tehelka Magazine (22 October 2011)

The Limits of Safety Analysis: Severe Nuclear Accident Possibilities at the PFBR
by Ashwin Kumar , M V Ramana (
22 October 2011)

Pakistan Peace Coalition expresses concern over leakage incident at KANUPP;
demands shutting down of nuclear power plants in Pakistan
(21 October 2011)

People’s power vs. nuclear power
by Praful Bidwai (18 October 2011)

Text of Petition to India’s Supreme court challenging constitutional validity of the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act, 2010
(14 October 2011)

India: Social movts coalition calls for writing to President for cancellation of
Koodankulam Projects

- National Alliance of People's Movements (13 October 2011)

Cancel the Koodankulam nuclear project: Letter from Japan to the Prime Minister of India (22 September 2011)

Peoples Protest against Koodankulam Nuclear Project
News Report (20 September 2011)

Field Report on the Koodankulam Struggle
by People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (13 September 2011)

India's murky nuclear power quest
by Praful Bidwai (7 September 2011)

Pakistan's nuclear bayonet
by Pervez Hoodbhoy (
August 18, 2011)

United body against Nuke plants mooted
Villagers from Jaitapur, Chutka, Fatehbad, adopt resolution to take their
protests nationwide
by Nikhil M Ghanekar (10 August 2011)

Invitation to All India Anti-Nuclear Power Convention -10 Aug 2011, New Delhi

The 'Hot Run' in Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant Coincides with a 'Hot Report' Published in Russia
by People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (6 July 2011)

Nuclear or broke
by Praful Bidwai (2 July 2011)

People’s Tribunal on the Safety, Viability and Cost Efficiency of Nuclear Energy (19 - 21 May 2011, Mumbai) - Tribunal Blurb and News coverage
(23 May 2011)

Strange Love
The Indian Government has completely smothered the rights of its citizens in the
interests of the nuclear industry
by Suvrat Raju, MV Ramana
(May 18, 2011)

Can n-power be safe?
by Praful Bidwai (May 7, 2011)

Clear and present danger
by Praful Bidwai (May 1, 2011)

Peace activists in Pakistan and India warn of nuclear danger on 25th
anniversary of the Chernobyl accident
New reports on events in Karachi and New Delhi (April 27, 2011)

Statement Against Police firing on Protestors in Jaitapur, Maharashtra
(April 19, 2011)

Nuclear reality, damaged democracy
by Suvrat Raju, M V Ramana (April 18, 2011)

India: Uranium Enrichment Plant, Mysore - a public health hazard
by N.S. Chakravarthy, S G Vombatkere (April 14, 2011)

Are Indian nuclear weapons facilities safe?
by Dr. A Gopalakrishnan (April 12, 2011)

India: A newsreport on CNDP national convention 'Learning From Fukushima'
(April 10, 2011)

Japan’s nuclear crisis is a wake-up call for India: Statement by Eminent Citizens (31 March 2011)

Rethink Nuclear - Shut Down the Reactors: A Letter to Pakistan’s Atomic Energy Commission
by Pakistan Institute of Labour Education & Research and Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (March 29, 2011)

Fukushima lessons
by A.H. Nayyar, M.V. Ramana & Zia Mian (March 27, 2011)

Nuclear Industry's Cover-up, Lies and Denial: Beware of the French Nuclear Model
by Harsh Kapoor (March 23, 2011)

DAFT’s All (Doctorate in Allaying Fears about Technology)
by Surendra Gadekar (March 18, 2011)

React on reactors

by M. V. Ramana, Suvrat Raju (March 17, 2011)

A collective death wish fulfilled?
by Jawed Naqvi (March 17, 2011)

A murky meltdown
by Praful Bidwai (17 March 17, 2011)

Pakistani civil Society expresses solidarity with Quake-hit Japanese
(March 16, 2011)

Pakistan Peace Coalition Press Release on Japanese Nuclear Plant Disaster and Lessons for Pakistan and South Asia
by Pakistan Peace Coalition (March 16, 2011)

Disaster looms at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan: Time for India to Take Note of Dangers of Nuclear power
by National Alliance of Anti-nuclear Movements (NAAM) (March 13, 2011)

Indian Nuclear Group Demands Moratorium on Nuclear Reactor Construction After the Fukushima Disaster in Japan
by CNDP (March 12, 2011)

When the Dust Settles: A video on the impact of Depleted Uranium Weapons
produced by the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons and IKV Pax Christi (February 3, 2011)

Courting Nuclear Trouble In Maharashtra: Scrap the Jaitapur reactors!
by Praful Bidwai (February 1, 2011)

Courting Nuclear Disaster in Maharashtra: Why the Jaitapur Project Must Be Scrapped
A report by fact finding team [comprising of Praful Bidwai, Bhasha Singh, S P Shukla, Vaishali Patil, Rafeeq Ellias] under the aegis of India's Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (January 2011)

Why We Oppose the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project
A Letter to the Chief Minister by social activists in Maharashtra (
January 17, 2011)

The Anti Nuclear Agitation in Jaitapur: A first hand report from a field visit
Praful Bidwai speaking at the Press club in Mumbai (January 11, 2011)

Miseries continue for nuclear plant displaced
by Kajal Iyer Kajal Iyer - CNN-IBN
(January 10, 2011)

Jaitapur: Repeating Enron Once Again
by Prabir Purkayastha (January 9, 2011)

Tarapur protest before PM visit
report in The Telegraph (4 January 2011)

Rethink Jaitapur [Nuclear Power Plant]
Editorial, Deccan Herald (January 3 2011)


India: Accidents Sites - radiation, cancer, blindness, tardiness, cover-ups.
The lessons from the Kalpakkam nuclear facility

by Kunal Majumder (September 11, 2010)

Peace Movement’s Submission to India’s Parliament on ’Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill 2010’
by CNDP (June 
21, 2010)

Civil Liability for Nuclear Claims Bill, 2010: is life cheap in India?
by Arjun Makhijani (
June 21, 2010)

Dangerous nuclear delusion
by Praful Bidwai (
May 18, 2010)

India: Shadow of Bhopal on the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill 2010 (Nuclear Bill)
by Rajeev Dhavan (23 March 2010)

Great Nuclear Folly - Scrap Nuclear Liability Bill! -
by Praful Bidwai
(21 March 2010)

Baniya and the bomb
by Jawed Naqvi (18 March, 2010)

India: NAAM Opposes the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill-
by National Alliance of Anti-nuclear Movements (NAAM)
24 February, 2010)


’Objections to the proposed civil nuclear liability [cap] bill’ -
CNDP letter to India’s Prime Minister
(16 December 2009)

India: Who Pays the Price for Uranium Mining?
by Moushumi Basu (December 6, 2009)

Bhopal Reminder for Nuclear India 
by J. Sri Raman
(December 5, 2009)

India: Our Atom State
by Ramachandra Guha (Dec 5, 2009)

India: Lessons from Kaiga
by Praful Bidwai (December 4, 2009)

India: Mass disasters and the recently passed Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill - Resources
(20 November 2009)

India: environmental impact assessment of nuclear facilities
by MV Ramana and Divya Badami Rao (24 October 2009)

Uranium Corporation of India Limited: Wasting Away Tribal Lands
by Moushumi Basu (Special to CorpWatch, October 7th, 2009)

India: Protest against Koodankulam N-plant
(A Report in the The Hindu, October 3, 2009)

The U.S.-India nuclear deal--one year later
by J. Sri Raman (October 1, 2009)

India: The case against further N-tests
by Praful Bidwai (September 14, 2009)

India's Nuclear Fizzle: What Should Pakistan Do?
by Pervez Hoodbhoy (September 2, 2009)

Spurring nuclear Bhopals?
by Praful Bidwai (August 1, 2009)

Pushing South Asia Toward the Brink
by Zia Mian (July 27, 2009)

Pervez Hoodbhoy on The Pakistani Nuclear Weapons Program
(July 14, 2009 - presentation 
in New York co-sponsored by LCNP and The Nation)

A different perspective on US-India nuclear deal
by Dr Peter Custers (May 27, 2009)

On the 11th Anniversary of India and Pakistan's Nuclear Tests of May 1998

India - Pakistan: This Madness of Nuclear Weaponsiation Must End
Retired Admiral L Ramdas (speaking in August 1998 at a US university campus)

New Routes to Nuclear Disarmament: Going Beyond NPT
by Achin Vanaik (April, 18, 2009)

President Barrack Obama’s call for a "world without nuclear weapons"
Press Release by Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace
(CNDP) (April 12, 2009)

Remove, don't reset, the nuclear button
by Jayanta Dhanapala (April, 1, 2009)

India's elections and Indo-US nuclear deal
by J Sri Raman (26 March 2009)

Dr Khan’s new mission?
by Zubeida Mustafa (February 11, 2009)

Falling prey to deterrence trap
by Seemal Rehan (January 4, 2009)

Nuclear Free India, Vol.1, Issue 3 (January 2009)


Going MAD: Ten Years of the Bomb in South Asia
by Zia Mian and MV Ramana [June 2008]

Ten years after India's nuclear tests: A negative balance sheet
by Praful Bidwai [May 14, 2008]

Ten year after India's nuclear tests: Deeper into the morass
by M V Ramana
[May 11, 2008]

Ten Years of the Bomb
by Zia Mian [May 10, 2008]

India's Nuclear Anniversary
by J Sri Raman
[May 10, 2008]

India: Nuclear power's Achilles' Heel
by Praful Bidwai [May 1, 2008]

The nuclear nemesis
by Saleem H Ali [April 12, 2008]

Leadership Down Under
by Deepti Choubey [April 7, 2008]

India: Statement of Students Against Nuclear Power 
[March 29, 2008]

Nagpur Declaration:
Third National Convention of CNDP | 1-3 February 2008, Nagpur

Pakistan's Nuclear Threat - A state of denial
by Pervez Hoodbhoy


Fast Breeder of Expenditure?
by JY Suchitra and MV Ramana
[October 31, 2007]

Derailing a deal
by Noam Chomsky
[October 8, 2007]

An Assessment of the Extent of Projected Global Famine
Resulting From Limited, Regional Nuclear War

by Ira Helfand [October 3, 2007]

India's Nuclear Energy Programme and the 123 Agreement with the United States
issued by All India Congress Committee [n.d., 2007]

(This is a propaganda booklet giving the official view of India's Congress Party in defence of the Indo-US Nuclear Deal)

India is ignoring the cost and polluting capacity of nuclear power
by Ashok Mitra
[September 28, 2007]

Indo-US Nuclear Deal: In Whose Interests?
by Aditya Sarkar, Anish Vanaik
[September 22, 2007]

Project Butter Factory: Henk Slebos and the A.Q. Khan nuclear network 
by Frank Slijper [September 2007]

Sanctifying mass destruction
by Praful Bidwai [September 8, 2007]

Never say DAE
by Xavier Dias [September 5, 2007]

Home Next to N Reactor
by Praful Bidwai and MV Ramana [June 23, 2007]

Resolution adopted at the Bombay seminar on the Indo US nuclear deal
[Press Release March 12, 2007]

Exit Clause
by Anil Nauriya [March 7, 2007]

India: Drifting Into Nuclear Blunderland - Scrap the Haripur plant!
by Praful Bidwai [February 26, 2007]

India Paksitan Arms Race and Militarisation Watch Compilation No 168 [28 February 2007]

Fissile favourites
by J Rama Rao  
[23 February 2007]

Fight Against 10000 MW Nuclear Plant in Haripur, West Bengal, India
by Mahashweta Devi (Dainik Statesman, Bengali Daily, Front Page Daily Column)
[February 17, 2007]

India Pakistan Arms Race and Militarisation Watch Compilation No 167 [30 December 2006 - 15 January 2007]

Accident at Jadugoda
Burst pipe - carrying radioactive wastes 
Sign on Petition to Demand Full Investigation and Remediation
[15 January 2007]


Nuclear disaster in Jadugoda - Toxic uranium tailings spill into the river
[December 30, 2006]

Nuclear Disarmament Gets Critical
by Praful Bidwai
[December 28, 2006]

High Costs, Questionable Benefits of Reprocessing
by J Y Suchitra, M V Ramana [November 25, 2006]

Fresh Nuke Threats Follow India-Pakistan "Peace Talks"
by J. Sri Raman [22 November 2006]

N. Korean nuclear test causes concern, calls for global disarmament
Statement by Movement Against Nuclear Weapons (MANW) [October 12, 2006]

Democratising Nuclear Debate in India
by Avilash Roul [September 30, 2006]

Towards a Nuclear Free South Asia
by MB Naqvi [August 9, 2006]

CNDP Reiterates Opposition to Indo-US Nuke Deal
[July 14, 2006]

The "deal" and New Delhi's nuclear dreams
by J Sri Raman [July 12, 2006]

"Fissile materials in South Asia and the implications of the U.S.-India nuclear deal," 
by Z. Mian, A.H. Nayyar, R. Rajaraman, and M.V. Ramana [July 11, 2006]

IDPD Seminar Demands Scrapping of Indo-US Nuclear Deal [July 11, 2006]

The Bomb, Biography and the Indian Middle Class
by Sankaran Krishna
[June 10, 2006]

"Nuclear power plants are not worth it"
An interview with A.H. Nayyar [May 28, 2006]

What a Bomb cannot Buy 
by Pervez Hoodbhoy
[May 28, 2006]

Successes and Failures of Pakistan's Nukes
by M.B. Naqvi
[May 23, 2006]

Twenty Year After Chernobyl - debates and lessons
by M.V. Ramana [
May 16, 2006]

Jaduguda's Hapless Children
by Mark Whitaker
[May 6, 2006]

South Asia Needs A Bomb-Less Deal
by Pervez Hoodbhoy
[April 19, 2006]

Dont switch over to nuclear power in India
by M.V. Ramana
[March 10, 2006]

No Clear Reason
by Praful Bidwai
[March 10, 2006]

Indo US Nuclear Accord: Anatomy of an Agreement
by Vijay Prashad
[March 8, 2006]

A Bad and Dangerous Deal
The US / India Nuclear Pact

by Arjun Makhijani
[March 4-5, 2006]

Radioactive Repercussions
by Meera Shah  [16 Feb 2006]

Wrong Ends, Means, and Needs: Behind the U.S. Nuclear Deal With India
by Zia Mian and
M V Ramana [January / February, 2006]

While the spotlights are the Middle East, the world has turned a blind eye to the Indo-Pakistan Nuclear Arms Race
by M.B. Naqvi
[January 23, 2006]


India should choose Iran, not US
An Interview with Dr Arjun Makhijiani
[December 28, 2005]

Tall Claim, Little Evidence
Book review of Fearful Symmetry:India-Pakistan Crises in the Shadow of Nuclear Weapons by Sumit Ganguly and Devin Hagerty;
Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2005.
by M V Ramana [December 10, 2005]

Declaration and Report of CNDP, UP Convention in Lucknow: Call for Nuclear Weapons Free Zones [November 28, 2005]

Blinded by the Bomb
by Zia Mian [November, 2005]

Will India Ride Counter-Proliferation Waves?
by J. Sri Raman [29 October 2005]

Down the slippery nuclear slope
by Praful Bidwai [October 28, 2005]

Rewarding ignoble causes?
by Praful Bidwai
[23 October 2005]

Any takers for a nuclear disaster?
by Jawed Naqvi
[October 17, 2005]

Press Release -- Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP), India [October 11, 2005]

Active Consent: India's decision to vote against Iran
Achin Vanaik [
October 11, 2005]

Limited War Under the Nuclear Umbrella and its Implications for South Asia
by Khurshid Khan [A PDF document]

Dark clouds on the Indo-Pakistani horizon
by M B Naqvi [August 10, 2005]

Hiroshima Memories Don't Deter South Asia's Hawks
by J. Sri Raman [August 9, 2005]

Nuclear nonsense and India, Pakistan
Editorial, The News (Pakistan) [August 7, 2005]

The world's worst terrorist act
by Praful Bidwai [August 6, 2005]

The time of the Bomb
by Zia Mian and A.H. Nayyar [August 6, 2005]

Indian Left and the nuclear programme
by V Krishna Ananth [August 6, 2005]

India: DAE's Gambit
by Xavier Dias [August 6, 2005]

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Week in Bombay
by Coalition for Nuclear disarmament and Peace (CNDP), India [August 4, 2005]

As Insecure As Before - on the eve of another Hiroshima Day
by Achin Vanaik [August 4, 2005]

A Bad Deal With India
By Lawrence J. Korb and Peter Ogden [August 3, 2005]

A Non-Debate Over India - US Nuclear Deal
by J. Sri Raman [August 2, 2005]

The Treaty Wreckers
by George Monbiot [August 2, 2005]

India Joins Global Apartheid
by Praful Bidwai [August 2, 2005]

India: Grand Nuclear Illusion
Editorial, The Economic and Political Weekly (India) [July 30, 2005]

Nuclear Power: No Solution to Global Warming
by M V Ramana [July 1, 2005]

India: 'Identify Horrors of N. Arms Race
by R. Gopalakrishnan [June 27, 2005]

India: CNDP action plan on persisting dangers of nuclear weapons
by R Gopalakrishnan [June 26, 2005]

Nukes' seventh anniversary-IV: South Asia's misfortunes
by M B Naqvi
[June 6, 2005]

Nuclear energy is unsafe, uneconomical
by A Srinivas [June 6, 2005]

The NPT crisis concerns us all
by Praful Bidwai [June 4, 2005]

Nukes' seventh anniversary-III: The successes and failures of Pakistan's nukes
M B Naqvi [May 25, 2005]

Pokhran was a mistake
P R Chari [May 24, 2005]

India and nukes: Seventh anniversary
M B Naqvi [May 24, 2005]

Vajpayee's nuclear winter
Jawed Naqvi [May 16, 2005]

Scoring nuclear self-goals
by Praful Bidwai
[May 15, 2005]

The seven-year N-itch hasn't ended
by Praful Bidwai
[May 14, 2005]

The nukes' seventh anniversary !

Changes wrought by South Asian nukes
by M B Naqvi
[May 11, 2005]

Workshop of Global Security and Cooperation programme of the Social Science Research Council "Culture, Society and Nuclear Weapons in South Asia" Amsterdam, May 9 - 11, 2005

Observe 11 May to 21 May as Anti Nuke Days in South Asia: A plea
M.B. Naqvi [May 7, 2005]

Course a l'armement nucleaire: L'equilibre de la terreur entre l'Inde et le Pakistan
Par Vaiju Naravane [avril 2005]

India: Economics of Nuclear Power from Heavy Water Reactors
M V Ramana, Antonette D'Sa and Amulya KN Reddy
[April 23, 2005]

Press Release - re India Pakistan Peace Talks - CNDP
[21 April 2005]

Neither safe nor cheap - suicidal for India to go down the nuclear power path
by Praful Bidwai [April 14, 2005]

Radiation Monitoring Around Madras Atomic Power Station: An investigative report
by VT Padmanabhan and NP Nakul [5th March 2005] | See also
Associated Charts and Pictures made while surveying the Tamil Nadu coast between 10-20 february 2005.

Nuclear Disarmament: Building a Movement in South Asia
by Achin Vanaik [February 5, 2005]

Is Depleted Uranium from the West Asian battlefields coming to India?
by Padmanabhan VT [January 27, 2005]

India-Pakistan: Cap the nuclear arsenal now
by R. Rajaraman [January 25, 2005]

A Radioactive Tsunami? Many Serious Questions, One Devious Answer
by S. P. Udayakumar [January 21, 2005]

Of History and a Barely Escaped Nuclear Horror
by J. Sri Raman [January 13, 2005]

India: Nuclear Reactors To Impending Doom?
by S. Anand [January 11, 2005]

Tsunami : le Reseau "Sortir du nucleaire" demande la verite sur l'inondation de la centrale nucleaire indienne de Kalpakkam et la fermeture des reacteurs nucleaires situes en bord de mer [January 10, 2005]

Tsunami and Kalpakkam: Questions Left in Disaster's Wake
by Movement Against Nuclear Weapons (MANW) [January 10, 2005]

Nuclear weapons, the greatest hurdle to India-Pakistan friendship
by M.B. Naqvi [January 7, 2005]

Tsunamis and a Nuclear Threat in the South of India
by J. Sri Raman [January 2, 2005]

A gaffe, or a historic chance?
by Praful Bidwai [January 1, 2005]


On Pakistan's nuclear strategy
by M.H. Askari [December 31, 2004]

The Tsunami Disaster
by S. P. Udayakumar [December 30, 2004]

India-Pakistan 'flashpoint' has not faded away
by J. Sri Raman [21 December 2004]

New Context for India's Struggle against Nukes
by J. Sri Raman [December 3, 2004]

Jaipur Declaration at the Second National Convention of Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace [28th November 2004]

Are Tactical Nuclear Weapons Needed in South Asia?
by Michael Krepon, Ziad Haider, and Charles Thornton [Chapter 6 in: Escalation Control and the Nuclear Option in South Asia Michael Krepon, Rodney W. Jones, and Ziad Haider, eds. (The Henry L. Stimson Center: November 2004)

[India] The Hazardous Mix: A Peculiar Act and the Perilous Energy
by S. P. Udayakumar [October 22, 2004]

India-Pakistan: Is Realism Enough
by M. B. Naqvi [October 20, 2004]

The BJP's psyche and the bomb [Book Review of 'Engaging India: Diplomacy, Democracy and the Bomb']
by A.G. Noorani
[October 9, 2004]

India: Fast Breeder Reactor: Questionable Decision
Editorial - Economic and Political Weekly
[October 2, 2004]

Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP) 2nd National Convention November 26-28, 2004, Jaipur [India]

Nuclear Civil Defence in South Asia:
Is It Feasible?

by R Rajaraman, Z Mian, A H Nayyar [November 20, 2004]

India: A fast breeder of danger
by M.V. Ramana [September 7, 2004]

An Open Letter to India's Mayors
by Lalit Surjan [August 30, 2004]

[South Asia] Who wants Nukes ? [Book Review of 'Out of the Nuclear Shadow']
by Faisal Bari [August 23, 2004]

India: Voice against war [in Hyderabad]
Students expressed their views on nuclear issues through debates and discussions, posters and plays
by R. Uma Maheshwari
[August 12, 2004]

Nukes cause all the trouble
by M B Naqvi
[August 11, 2004]

Heritable anomalies among the inhabitants of regions of normal and high background radiation in Kerala: Results of a cohort study, 1988‹1994
by V. T. Padmanabhan, A. P. Sugunan, C. K. Brahmaputhran, K. Nandini, and K. Pavithran [International Journal of Health Services, No 3, 2004]

Anushakthi Amma: A One-Act Play
by S. P. Udayakumar
[August 7, 2004]

Averting a Hundred Hiroshimas
J. Sri Raman [August 6, 2004]

Pakistan: Another nuclear white elephant
by Zia Mian and A.H. Nayyar
[25 July 2004]

India's Department of Atomic Energy:
Fifty Years of Profligacy

by S. P. Udayakumar
[July 16, 2004]

Making Weapons, Talking Peace:
Resolving Dilemma of Nuclear Negotiations

by Zia Mian, A H Nayyar, M V Ramana
[July 17, 2004]

When early warning is no warning
by Zia Mian, R. Rajaraman & M.V. Ramana
[July 2, 2004]

Next Steps For Nuclear Talks
by Zia Mian, A.H. Nayyar, R. Rajaraman, M.V. Ramana
[June 24, 2004]

India-Pakistan Talks: Hotline to a Higher Nuclear Status?
by J. Sri Raman
[21 June 2004]

Reduce Nuclear Risk With Pakistan
by Editorial, The Hindu
[June 19, 2004]

Reducing nuclear risk [India's new Govt. should reconsider nuclear policy]
by M. V. Ramana & R. Rajaraman
[June 4, 2004]

Lobbying the new Govt of India against the Koodankulam Nuclear Plant: An Appeal from the people of Tamil Nadu and Kerala [May 28, 2004]

India: Serious Lapse at Tarapur Nuclear Power Plant [May 24, 2004]

India: Jadugoda Case and Supreme Court Judgment
by Jharkhandi Organisation Against Radiation, Jadugoda [Jharkhand, India | May 12, 2004]

A.Q. Khan, Urenco and the proliferation of nuclear weapons technology: The symbiotic relation between nuclear energy and nuclear weapons
by Joop Boer, Henk van der Keur, Karel Koster and Frank Slijper [May 4, 2004]

Red Alert in nuclear India
by Richard Mahapatra T.V. Jayan
['Down to Earth', April 21, 2004]
See also map on India's Uranium and Thorium Reserves ['Down to Earth', April 21, 2004]

India: "Letter to the Editor" of Frontline maganine re Koodankulam Nuclear power Plant
by S. P. Udayakumar [April 12, 2004]

The B-team gets running
by Praful Bidwai [April 8, 2004]

Can we rely credibly on deterrence?
by Savail Hussain
[March 24, 2004]

Inside The Nuclear Closet
by Pervez Hoodbhoy
[March 3, 2004]

Good nukes, bad nukes
by T. Jayaraman
[February 28, 2004]

For God and Profit
by Pervez Hoodbhoy
[February, 2004]

Pakistan: Role of Intelligence and Political Islam
by Zia Mian
[February 13, 2004] [Audio file]

Leading Pakistani physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy describes the development of nuclear weapons in South Asia at the NPRI conference [February 11, 2004] [Audio File]

L'affaire Qadeer Khan
by M B Naqvi
[February 11, 2004]

Nuclear Early Warning in South Asia: Problems and Issues
by M V Ramana, R Rajaraman, Zia Mian
[January 17, 2004]

Pakistan's nuclear dilemma
by Praful Bidwai
[January 6, 2004]


Nuclear Roundtable - by Panos South Asia supported by Himal South Asian [December, 2003]
- The Indo-Pak bomb by Itty Abraham
Going nuclear, Talking nuclear: A discussion (between Kanak Mani Dixit, Itty Abraham, Ramchandra Guha, Siddharth Varadarajan, Rehana Hakim, Hameed Haroon, Akbar Zaidi, AS Paneerselvan, Imran Aslam, Kazi Abid Asad, NK Singh
Simulated consensus by T Mathew

Pakistan - India Nuclear weapons in utter contempt of the poor
Excerpts from 'At the cost of the poor' by Zaheda Hina [December 28, 2003]

Statement on anti-WMD Decisions by Iran and Libya
by Pakistan Peace Coalition [December, 24 2003]

Safety issues dog India's nuke plants
by Satyabrata Rai Chowdhuri [December 2, 2003]

Pakistan-India: All stops being removed for an arms race?
by M.B. Naqvi [November 17, 2003]

Nuclear missiles in South Asia
by Brian Cloughley [November 12, 2003]

The Nuclear Option
by M. Asghar Khan
[November 5, 2003]

US concern over nuclear strategy
By M.H. Askari
[October 31, 2003]

The nuclear thick-skins
by Praful Bidwai
[October 25, 2003]

Like Dams, Nuke Plants Need Scrutiny - Activists
by Muddasir Rizvi
[October 23, 2003]

The arms race continues
by M V Ramana
[October 23, 2003]

Hiroshima Mayor urges Pak, India to scrap nukes [October 21, 2003]

India: Privatizing Nuclear Power Is Dangerous - Press Release
by People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy [October 5, 2003]

India Pakistan Spar Under a lengthening Nuclear Shadow
by Praful Bidwai [October 2, 2003]

Fall Out of Nuclear War Planning - Spectre of Armageddon
by N. D Jayaprakash [October 2, 2003]

Tick-Tock of Doom: Radioactive spectres haunt Andhra as Nagarjuna Sagar awaits a uranium mine nearby
by S. Anand, Nitin A. Gokhale [September 22, 2003]

Movement Against Uranium Project (MAUP) in Andhra Pradesh, India [September 10, 2003]

Statement by Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace [8 Sept, 2003]

India: A dying breeder
by Praful Bidwai [September 6, 2003]

Pakistan - India: Respective Nuclear authorities meet around their Bomb
by M.B. Naqvi [September 4, 2003]

India: Chained reaction
by Prakash Chandra [August 21, 2003]

Drawing False Conclusions
by Achin Vanaik [August 9, 2003]

India's Worst Radiation Accident The Outlook exclusive investigation of the January 21 "incident" at the Kalpakkam Reprocessing Plant by S. Anand [July 28, 2003]

Reprocessing: The Cons
by M. V. Ramana [July 25, 2003]

Radiation and Tribal Health in Jadugoda: The Contention Between Science and Sufferings
by C.J. Sonowal and Sunil Kumar Jojo
[?, 2003]

Radiation accident at spent fuel reprocessing plant at Kalpakkam Reprocessing Plant (KAPR) in India [July, 12, 2003]

Radiation leak in the Kalpakkam Nuclear Plant, Tamil Nadu [June 27, 2003]

India's Nuclear Fantasies - Costs and Ethics (Book Review)
by Itty Abraham [June 28, 2003]

Kuldip Nayyar [A member of India's parliament] stresses treaty on no first use of nuclear arms [June 17, 2003]

The Nuclear Confrontation in South Asia [ Chapter summary from the SIPRI Yearbook 2003: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security]
by M. V. Ramana and Zia Mian [June 17, 2003]

Are Nukes Invincible

by M.B. Naqvi [May 28, 2003]

Face off -- A nuclear gamble
by Priya Nayar
[May 24, 2003]

Nuclear false dawn
by Praful Bidwai [May 16, 2003]

Nuclear WMDs in South Asia
by M.B. Naqvi [April 29, 2003]

India: 'War and Peace' the Anti Nuclear documentary film wins battle in the courts
War and Peace (Jang Aur Aman) Vs Censorship
by Anand Patwardhan
[April 24, 2003]

Deterrence is for dummies
by Praful
Bidwai [April 18, 2003]

Against Nuclearisation (A boof review of 'Prisoners of the Nuclear Dream' by M.V. Ramana and C.Rammanohar Reddy)
by Achin Vanaik
[Apr 06, 2003]

Stop the War in Iraq: Press Release by Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP / India) [April 1, 2003]

Assessing emergency plans
by M V Ramana
[March 13, 2003]

Risks of a LOW Doctrine
by M V Ramana
[March 1, 2003]

Extracts from Prisoners of the Nuclear Dream, edited by M.V. Ramana and C.Rammanohar Reddy, Orient Longman, New Delhi, 2002 [February 23, 2003]

South Asia on the Edge: Communal Violence and Nuclear Stand-off
by Murad Banaji
[February 2003]

Indian Nuclear Cover-ups Inviting Chernobyl Any Day
-- A South Asia Tribune Report
[Feb10-16, 2003]

Those fuzzy red lines
by Michael Krepon
[February 10, 2003]

India's force in being
by M V Ramana
[February 06, 2003]

Two reports on rally and public meet in opposition to Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project [January 25 - 30, 2003]

Pakistanis see new aggression in Indian nuclear doctrine
A Report in the Daily Times
[January 24, 2003]

A degenerating nuclear logic
by Achin Vanaik
[January 23, 2003]

Bomb Doubts
An Interview with R Rajaraman
[January 21, 2003]

India's Nuclear War Plans: Dangerous Portents
by N.D. Jayaprakash [January 20, 2003]

Russia leases nuclear bombers to India
by Luke Harding [January 20, 2003]

What did Pakistan do to help North Korea develop nuclear arms? And when did the Bush Administration know about it?
by Seymour M. Hersh [January 20, 2003]

Nuclear South Asia: Still on the edge
by Praful Bidwai (January 18, 2003)

Military planning and nuclear weapons
by M V Ramana
[January 16, 2003]

SAP seeks nuclear free South Asia
[January 14, 2003]

Creating the Nuclear Command: India courts insecurity
by Praful Bidwai
[January 13, 2003]

India's nuclear policy raises eyebrows on timing, impact
Revision stirs fear of a harder stance

by Mannika Chopra

Why are we poor [in Pakistan and India]?
by Dr Farrukh Saleem
[January 12, 2003]

India's nuclear muscle
by Humphrey Hawksley
[January 11, 2003]

Press Release: The Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace [January 10, 2003]

Sliding into nuclear abyss
by Praful Bidwai
[January 9, 2003]

India's nuclear command authority
by M V Ramana [
January 9, 2003]



- India, Pakistan and the Bomb
The Indian subcontinent is the most likely place in the world for a nuclear war
by M. V. Ramana and A. H. Nayyar
(December 2001)
- The Conventional Military Balance in India, Pakistan and South Asia: A comparative Summary of Military Expenditures Manpower; Land, Air, and Naval, Forces; Arms Sales
by Anthony H. Cordesman
(December 28, 2001)
- The move by India to deploy nuclear weapons opens up the possibilities of accidental or unauthorised use of the weapons, nuclear accidents and development of more weapons as a result of inter-service rivalry.
by M.V. Ramana
[Dec. 08, 2001]
- Watching The Warheads - The risks to Pakistan's nuclear arsenal
by Seymour M. Hersh
(November 5, 2001)
Antinuclear Pakistanis Persevere: Ban-the-Bomb Activists are Few in the Weaponry-Proud Country, But They Remain Stout of Heart
by Stephane Nolen [November 2, 2001]
- Talking Peace in South Asia: A proposal of some possible nuclear risk reduction and confidence building agreements for consideration at the July 2001 Pakistan-India Summit
by Z. Mian and A.H. Nayyar (members of the Pakistan Peace Coalition) Sandeep Pandey and M.V. Ramana (members of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace, India)
(July 2001) (For PDF version click here)
- Vajpayee and Musharraf Must Agree on a Nuclear Freeze
Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace
and endorsed by The Pakistan Peace Coalition
(28 June 2001)
SEE Related News report: Indo-Pak summit should agree on nuclear freeze: citizens groups
- Bangladesh: Can we afford nuclear power plant? (29 June 2001)
- Statement on NMD released by the Coalition for
Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (India)
(18 June 2001)
- Dos and Donts of [Indo-Pak] Nuclear Detente
by M.B. Naqvi (17 June 2001)
- Nuclear Prolifieration in South Asia
by Faheem Hussain


-  We Don't Love the Bomb
by Achin Vanaik
(The Telegraph, Op-Ed, 1 December 2000)
Risks and consequences of nuclear weapons accidents in South Asia.
by Mian Z, Ramana MV, Rajaraman R.
Failing the Test: International Mismanagement of the South Asia nuclear Crisis
by Achin vanaik
(Disarmament Diplomacy, No. 51, October 2000)
Nuclear Nirvana 
Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy (excerpts from a presentation to the Moscow International Non-Proliferation Conference on October 7, 2000)
- To Give Peace a Change
by Praful Bidwai
(Frontline, Vol. 17, No. 17, 19 August 2000)
ndia and the Bomb
by Amartya Sen
(The text of the first Dorothy Hodgkin Lecture at the Annual Pugwash
Conference In Cambridge, United Kingdom, on August 8, 2000.)

Weaponization in South Asia
by Neil Joeck (Proliferation Brief, Vol.3, No.20 July 20, 2000)
Wages of Nuclearisation: Two Years after the Historic Folly
by Praful Bidwai
(Frontline, Vol. 17, No. 10, 13 May 2000)
- People's conference calls for a nuclear-free Asia
by Praful Bidwai
[Asia Times, February 26, 2000]
The Idea that Bombed
by Achin vanaik
(The Hindustan Times (op-ed), 12 February 2000)
- Since the Pokhran tests
by Achin Vanaik
(Seminar, January 2000)


- Blast Fallout : The antinuclear movement
takes off in South Asia
[ February 1999]
The Sri Lanka Forum for Nuclear Disarmament Protest Against Missile Tests by India & Pakistan (18 April 1999)
People Against Pokharan II
by 'May 11 committee' [a statement to be distributed in Chennai, India
on May 11, 1999]

May 8-21, 1999 issue of Frontline magazine
An appeal to protest and appeal for solidarity against Pakistan Govt. Celebrating Nuke Anniversary on May 28, 1999.
by Zia Mian
An international statement to protest against the arrest of a leading Pakistani journalist and to condemn Govt. Celebrations of Nuke test Anniversary on May 28, 1999.
(9 May 1999)
- Nuclear jingoism hurts security and stability
by Praful Bidwai
[May 12, 1999]
Pakistan celebrating nuclear tests amid crackdown on civil rights
by Beena Sarwar
(21 May 1999)
Bombs, Missiles, and Pakistani Science by Pervez Hoodbhoy
Pokharan - Chaghi Audit: Winners and Losers by Pervez Hoodbhoy
Resolution adopted by Action Committee Against Arms Race (ACAAR) in its General Body Meeting in Karachi on Saturday, 22nd May 1999.
(25 May 1999)
Press Release by Movement in India for Nuclear Disarmament (MIND) May 28, 1999
Joint Statement by Prominent Indians and Pakistanis issued in Delhi and Karachi, June 1, 1999
From Pokharan to Kargil: The Nuclear Danger Is No Fantasy by Praful Bidwai
The Warning from Kargil by Achin Vanaik (1 July 1999)
Challenges to Regional Cooperation in South Asia:
A New Perspective
by Monica Bhanot (August 1999)
Turning Consciousness Into Organized Protests When Weapons Are Celebrated
by Shahnawaz Khan Nowsherwani and Riaz Ahmed

SEE Also: India-Pakistan Conflict in Kargil, Kashmir (May-July 1999)
(contains scores of articles)

1998: The following were written after the Nuclear tests of May 1998

- Statement by CERAS (Montreal) 12 May 1998
- Indian Scientists Speak up against the Nuclear tests => [A link to their web site]
- National Alliance of Peoples Movements (NAPM) Protests the Nuclear tests in India (May 14, 1998)
- [Draft of] Letter to Prime Minister Mr. A[tom] B[omb] Vajpayee by Concerned Indians
- Press Release by Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia (May 14, 1998)
- Letter to New York Times by South Asians (May 14, 1998)
- Letter to the Editor submitted to various Indian Newspapers & Magazines (May 17, 1998)
- Anti Nuke Demo in Delhi (May 16, 1998)
A Newsreport
- Peace March in Delhi (May 16, 1998)
A participants note
- [Draft of] Citizens Statement at the Demo in Delhi (May 16 , 1998)
- Anti-Nuclear Forum's Protest March in Calcutta (May 17, 1998)
- Some Indian Environmentalists Blast the Indian Nuclear Blasts
A newsreport from India
- The BJP's Nuclear Tests: A Statement
by South Asia Solidarity Group
- Joint Statement by the Indian and Pakistani Doctors on the Nuclear Tests by the Governments of India and Pakistan
- An Appeal on the recent Nuclear Test Explosions by the Indian Government and a Letter to the Chief Justice of India expressing concern at implications of the Indian Nuclear Tests (May 18 1998)
by the Scientific Wokers Forum -West Bengal [India]
- News report and the editorial from the Deccan Herald on the Anti-nuclear protests and the RSS disruption of the event, in Bangalore (May 19 & 20 1998)
- Press Release (May 19, 1998) & a Public Statement from SAMAR
(South Asian Magazine for Action and Reflection, NY)
- Radio Programme and Audio Tape on Nuclear Blasts
- Report from a meeting of Bombay's Activists Against the Bomb (May 20, 1998)
- Report from an Anti Nuclear Meeting in Hyderabad [India] (May 22, 1998)
- [Press Release] - Sit-in Protest Demonstration in Calcutta May 18, 1998
by Pakistan India Peoples Forum for Peace and Democracy (West Bengal
- Press Statement on behalf of the National Committee
Pakistan India Peoples Forum for Peace and Democracy
(India Section) May 1988
- Report on daylong Dharna [sit-in] in Bombay May 26, 1998
Statement issued on the Occasion]
- Indian Scientists to Rally Against Nuclear Tests: A newsreport (May 27, 1998)
- Greenpeace Press Release Codemning the Pakistani and Indian Nuke Tests (May 28, 1998)
- Report of Peace Demo in Delhi by the PARMANU BOMB VIRODHI ANDOLAN [Movement Against Nuclear Weapons] (29 May, 1998)
- A Peace Petition from Pakistan
Pakistani Intellectuals and Activists Call for An End to Nuclear Arms Race
[Signed by over 200 People]
(June 2, 1998)
- Anti Nuke Meeting in Pakistan attacked (June 2, 1998)
A newsreport
- Statement on Nuclear Explosions by India & Pakistan (June 3, 1998)
Womens Action Forum - Pakistan
- Open Letter to Indian and Pakistani Ambassadors in the Netherlands, by the Hague Peace Platform, South Asia Forum and some staff,Students of the ISS (June 3, 1998)
- Report from Anti Nuke Action (now being held every Friday in Delhi) (June 5, 1998)
by Parmanu Bamb Virodhi Andolan [Movement Against Nuclear Weapons]
- Press Release on Anti Nuclear Protest in Bombay (June 10, 1998)
by AnuBam Virodhi Andolan, Bombay [Movement Against Nuclear Weapons]
- Anti Nuke Rally leads to Arrests in Bombay (June 11, 1998)
- Resolutions from the Convention Against Nuclear Weapons, New Delhi
(June 9, 1998)

- Report from the Convention Against Nuclear Weapons, New Delhi (June 9, 1998)
- An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan
by Joint Action Committee for Peoples Rights, Lahore
(11 June 1998)
- Press Release by Joint Action Committee for Peoples Rights, Lahore
(11 June 1998)
- Catholic Bishops of India Call For Urgent and Universal Disarmament
(June 11, 1998)
- Press Release - announcing Peace March in Montreal (June 13, 1998)
- Report on Peace March in Montreal organised by South Asian Women's Community Centre (SAWCC) and CERAS (Centre d'etudes et recherches sur l'asie du sud) (June 13, 1998)
by Feroz Mehdi
- Lasting Peace - Letter to the Editor, The Times of India
by Tony Benn [MP, UK], Dr. Sudipto Kaviraj, Prof. Claude
Meillassoux, Prof Tapan Raychaudhuri and 90 others
(June 13, 1998)
- Statement - released at Demonstration in New York for Peace in South Asia and Disarmament worldwide
by SAMAR (South Asian Magazine for Action and Reflection); War Resisters League; Peace Action International
(June 15, 1998)
- A Resolution passed unanimously by the West.Bengal Assembly against the Indian N-tests etc.
Text of a News item from The Statesman
(June 18, 1998)
- Hiroshima Survivor in Pokharan [India's Test Site] Speaks out against Nukes
A newsreport
(June 19, 1998)
- Peace Rally in Lahore by Joint Action Committee for Peoples Rights
A report
(19 June 1998)
- South Asians Raise their Voice Against the Nuclear Tests in India and Pakistan,
An appeal published in North America based newspapers, India Abroad and India West
(19 June 1998)
- Delegation of the Japan Congress Against Nuclear Bombs visits Pakistan
(21-23 June 1998)
A Report by B.M. Kutty
- School Children in Delhi Speak Against Nuclear Weapons
Letter to the Editor, The Times of India
(22 June, 1998)
Coalition for Non-Proliferation, Pakistan (CNFP) Statement
(20 July 1998)
Public appeal made by 5 prominent physicians, including two Nobel laureates, urging the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan to pledge no first use of nuclear
(5 August 1998)
Message from Japanese Anti Nuclear Activists to Indian & Pakistani peace activists on Hiroshima Day
(6 August 1998)
Declaration by Movement in India for Nuclear Disarmament (MIND)
(6 August 1998)
Press Statement from Pakistani Anti Nuclear and Peace activists on Hiroshima Day
(6 August 1998)
Artists and intellectuals in India call for a Peace march (in Delhi) against nuclear weapons on 6 August 1998
TORONTO SOUTH ASIANS TO DEMONSTRATE AGAINST INDIA AND PAKISTAN'S NUCLEAR TESTS on August 9 1998 (The statement calling the demo is posted here)
- Pakistan Peace Coalition Formed
[Sept. 18, 1998]
An Open Letter to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif & the Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee by Pakistanis worldwide
- An Open Letter to SAARC Heads of State

The Action Committee Against Arms Race (ACAAR), Pakistan
(Contains a public Document signed by over 50 organisations or individuals)

Petition Against the Nuclearization of South Asia [1998]
(Signed by Hundreds of people)

Pre 1998: (Papers written before the Nuclear Tests of India and Pakistan in 1998)


[Speak-up Against the 'National security' peddling hawks in India and Pakistan and the Nuclear Rath Yatra of the India's Sangh Lafangs and the 'Islamic' Bomb loving Jihadis!!]


An urdu poem by the erstwhile poet Sahir Ludhianvi

Khoon apna ho ya paraaya ho
Nasl-e-aadam ka khoon hai aakhir
Jang maghrib mein ho ke mashriq mein
Amn-e-aalam ka khoon hai aakhir

Bam gharon par giren ke sarhad par
Rooh-e-taameer zakhm khaati hai
Khet apne jalein ke auron ke
Zeest faaqon mein tilmilaati hai

Tank aage baden ke peeche haten
Kokh dharti ki baanjh hoti hai
Fat-ha ka jashn ho ke haar ka sog
Zindagi mayyaton pe roti hai

Is liye ai shareef insaano,
Jang talti rahe to behtar hai
Aap aur hum, sabhi ke aangan mein
Shama jalti rahe to behtar hai


Be this blood ours or theirs
Humanity is bloodied
Be this war in East or west
A peaceful earth is bloodied

Whether the bombs fall on homes or borders
The spirit of construction is wounded
Whether it is our fields that burn or theirs
Life is wracked by starvation

It matters not that tanks advance or retreat
The womb of the earth becomes barren
Be it a celebration of victory or loss' lament
The living must mourn the corpses

That is why, o civilized people
It is better that war remains postponed
In your homes, and in ours
It is better that lamps continue to flicker

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