WASHINGTON, DC, May 28, 1998 - Pakistan's nuclear tests show the
urgent need for the international community to agree that nuclear
weapons must be eliminated once and for all, Greenpeace said today.

Greenpeace condemned Pakistan's test today and said it was deeply
disappointed that Pakistan had chosen to proceed with its own nuclear
option as a response to India's tests last week. It urged both India
and Pakistan to end their tests immediately and renounce the nuclear
option before a damaging and destabilizing nuclear arms race begins.

Kristen Engberg, Executive Director of Greenpeace USA, said the
situation in India and Pakistan underlined the two choices now faced
by the international community: a continued nightmare of nuclear
proliferation or the elimination of nuclear weapons.

"It is time, as we approach the 21st century, to agree that the threat
of global annihilation created by nuclear weapons must be eliminated,"
said Engberg. "If the United States is to help end this nuclear
madness it must start at home, by ratifying the Comprehensive Test Ban
Treaty and taking meaningful steps towards the elimination of nuclear

According to Greenpeace, the contradictions of the current
non-proliferation regime are at now becoming dangerously apparent.
They have failed to ensure that the official nuclear weapon states
disarm, and have permitted the transfer of nuclear technology, which
was then used for nuclear weapons programs. The nuclear tests of
India and Pakistan must sound the alarm and alert the nuclear weapons
states to their own urgent responsibility to disarm. Greenpeace calls
on the United States to agree to a treaty on "general and complete
disarmament," as required by Article VI of the Nuclear
Nonproliferation Treaty.

India's tests last week were greeted by global outrage and protests by
Greenpeace activists in India and around the world. Protests against
nuclear tests are set to continue this week.

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and creative activism to protect the global environment