Report of a meeting [in Bombay] to protest against Pokharan II.

Dear friends,

A meeting of about 55 social activists ,writers, journalists, scientists
and teachers took place on 20th May 98 at Sarvodaya office at Nana chowk to protest against the explosion of Atomic Bomb at Pokharan.

The opinions expressed at the meeting made it
clear that ......

a) The Govt. had promised for a comprehensive review of defence
requirements after which the decision of the carrying out nuclear tests
was to be taken. No such review was done and for reasons which are more
political than defence related, the bomb explosions wee made.
b) Nuclear bombs are no solutions to the threats to the country.The
threats are from poverty , hunger, disease and worsening communal
scenario, due to the use of relegion in the politics by the major
political force of the day.
c)The prevalent policies of the earlier Govts. was reducing the tentions
with the neibhours,the present act of BJP lead coalition will make the
relations with neighbours change for the worse.
d) The Sangh Pariwar, BJPs political affiliates are deriving maximum
political milage from this and a mass hysteria is being promoted, which
aims at strenghtening the political prowess of BJP and will also
distract,the social attention from the problems of daily life of the
downtrodden sections of society- Dalits, minorities Adivasis and workers.
e) The explosions were carried out on Buddha pornima day, the phrase used
was Buddha Laughed again. This is a big insult to the apostle of love,
peaceand compassion ,Lord Gautum Buddha. This is a deliberate move to
derive a legitimacy for the most violent anti- human and anti society(
specially downtroddens of the society) act of the BJP lead coalition.
The meeting decided to launch a series of short
and long term protest actions. For this all the participants decided to
launch a forum which will be called as Movements against Atom bomb ,
This will be a broad platform for different groups and individuals for
co-ordinating anti- nuclear bomb activities. Following are the activities
to be undertaken

  1. A daylong Dharna on 26th May from 11 am to 6 PM at Hutatma Chowk. This Dharna will culminate in a peace March from Hutatma Chowk to Kala Ghoda, the H.O of Atomic Energy commission.One of the themes of peace March will be Buddha Never Laughed .All interested organisations will participate on the platform of Movement Against Atom Bomb.
  2. Educative leaflets and pamphlets will be brought out.
  3. Mobile exhibitions on this Theme will be prepared and taken to Bastis, schools and collages to explain to the people the dangers of BOMB and BOMB POLITICS.
  4. A small resource centre Library will be set up on this Theme.
  5. More and more activists groups will be informed about this forum inorder to broaden it.

May 1998