July 20 1998

Coalition for Non-Proliferation, Pakistan (CNFP)


Lahore: We the undersigned, despite our differences of perception and
viewpoints, agree to call upon:

a) the Government of Pakistan to abandon its reactive policy of
following in India's footsteps; to sign the CTBT immediately, without
waiting for India to do so; to seriously join talks on fissile material
cut off treaty (FMCT); to provide constitutional guarantees to neither
share know-how or nuclear capability, nor export nuclear
devices/missiles to non-nuclear-weapon states; and to also undertake
other necessary steps to join the international community in its
pursuits for non-proliferation;

b) both the governments of Pakistan and India to stop enriching nuclear
weapon-grade materials; to make a credible pledge or enter into an
accord not to weaponise and deploy nuclear weapons fitted on delivery
systems; to assure the people of the sub-continent that they will not
use or threaten to use these deadly nuclear weapons against civilian
populations in any situation whatsoever; to stabilise an unpredictable
nuclear arms race and initiate confidence building measures (CBMs); and
to make an unwavering commitment to resolve all disputes, including
Kashmir, through peaceful means and not through war;

c) the peoples of the sub-continent to raise their voice against a
devastating nuclear and conventional arms race; to ask their governments
to provide safeguards against a nuclear catastrophe, caused either by
accident or design; to divert their already limited resources to
eradicate human miseries, build much needed social and physical
infrastructures; to avoid war and tension in the region and make South
Asia a model for peaceful co-existence, economic cooperation and free of
nuclear weapons.

We the undersigned: