Calcutta protests against the N-bomb tests.

Demonstration by Anti Nuclear Forum on College Street in Calcutta
17 March 1998 (The Statesman)

May 16: Activists and intellectuals today staged a demonstration in front
of the United States Information Service (USIS) in Calcutta protesting
against the explosion of nuclear bombs at Pokhran recently. Eminent singer
Ajit Pandey, Professor Jyoti Prakash Chattopadhyay, writer Jiad Ali, journalist Debashis Bhattacharya, Dr. Bishnu Mukherjee and several others participated
in the procession, which started in front of Mahabodhi Society at College
Square. The organisers were Bhasa and Chetana Samity, Anti
Nuclear forum, Gana Bijnan Samanway Committee (WB), Nari Nirjatan Pratirodh Mancha, Bijnan O Bijnankarmi and several periodicals like Bisambad, Korak, Bhabikal, Utsa Manush and others. Decrying the trend to attach the name of Lord Buddha, the propagator of piece against war with the N-bombs, the
organisers criticised the government for spreading hatred among the people,
particularly across China and Pakistan. They said that the people of these
two countries are not against the people of this nation. They also raised
slogans demanding that the social issues like education, food, clothing,
shelter should be given priority over the N-bombs. Comparing the cost of
each Hydrogen Bomb they claimed that at least 2 lakhs primary schools can
be set up or 600 poor children can have one-time meals against the cost of
a single H-bomb. Several other organisations announced their agenda against
N-bombs in the coming days. The organisers also questioned the real intention of the union government behind the timing of the tests as the budget session is going to start shortly.