Press Release (Please Pass this On Quickly)
> In response to the 10 nuclear explosions that have rocked the sub-continent
> in the last month, the Anubam Virodhi Andolan (Movement against Nuclear
> Weapons) will hold a protest rally at Hutatma Chowk starting at 3.30 pm on
> June 10th.
> AVA believes that the atomic explosions and the rhetoric and jingoism that
> has accompanied them in India as well as Pakistan are an unmitigated
> disaster and a looming threat to humanity in general and our region in
> particular. They are indefensible morally, militarily, economically and
> psychologically.
> Morally because we have no right to threaten the lives of millions of human
> beings alive today and the many millions who will never be born for
> thousands of years after a nuclear war. Militarily because neither India nor
> Pakistan have become more secure because of these tests. Both countries are
> vulnerable to the pressure of their fanatics. Apart from this even a minor
> accident can start a nuclear war between India and Pakistan as both lack the
> sophisticated fail-safe mechanisms that America and Russia possessed despite
> which accidental nuclear war was barely averted on numerous occasions.
> Economically because our two nations are poverty striken and a nuclear arms
> race is a criminal waste of national resources. Psychologically because the
> explosions and subsequent jubilation in both countries over the acquisition
> of weapons of mass destruction can only be regarded as brain damage.
> The Anubam Virodhi Andolan while condemning India and Pakistan is not
> unaware that the USA, Russia, the UK, France and China as well as other soon
> to be nuclear states are equally to blame for not having the courage and
> wisdom to give up the nuclear path.
> The AVA is a coalition of individuals and groups in the city including Ekta,
> National Alliance of Peoples Movement, Sarvodaya Mandal, the Republican
> Party of India, Nirbhay Bano Andolan,Nivara Hakk Suraksha Samiti,The
> Humanist Movement,Lok Shahi Hakk Sanghatana,Indian Peoples Media Collective
> and others.