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Selected content from SACW / SAAN :

No Burial For Balakot
by Pervez Hoodbhoy
Interrogating 'terrorism - Speak the truth - Stop the killing
by Dilip Simeon
India: Radiation Monitoring Around Madras Atomic Power Station
by VT Padmanabhan and NP Nakul [5 March 2005] (See also -
Associated Charts and Pictures made while surveying the Tamil Nadu coast between 10-20 February 2005)

Protest in Pakistan to rollback representation of labour and women in local Govt: Reports and Pictures
Letter to the Pakistan President [Urdu]
Cut in seats for women, workers opposed (link to report in English - Dawn) | Picture of Demo in Karachi | Reports on Protest in Hyderabad Daily Jang 15 Feb (in Urdu) | Dawn 15 Feb (in English)
Labour Notes South Asia | February 17, 2005]

Founding Declaration and resolutions - International Forum for A Secular Democratic Bangladesh [February 6, 2005]
Nepal Under Military Rule: Urgent Appeal by Human Rights organisations [February 8, 2005]
India: Joint Statement of Women's Groups Against Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 (AFSPA)
by womens groups [January 17, 2005]
India: Draft - The Communal Crimes Act, 2004
Part 1 / Part 2
A tribute to Mulk Raj Anand: Salute to a Mentor
by V.B.Rawat
India: Innovation in Media Censorship :
Gujarat Experiment of Mini Emergency

by Digant Oza [September 11, 2004]
India: Mushhars: Tales of untold miseries
by V.B.Rawat [September 10, 2004]
India: Manufacturing Hysteria:
On Census-Inspired 'Nationalism
Letter by S. Subramainian, and S. Jayaraj [September 9, 2004]
Are we still singing for the Empire?
by Pradip Kumar Datta [September 8, 2004]
India: Rajasthan High Court Accepts Sati Writ Petitions Press Note: Jaipur, 6th August, 2004
India: Invitation to Anti War Assembly
by Citizens Against War and Occupation [July 24-25, 2004]
India - Pakistan: Next Steps For Nuclear Talks
by Zia Mian, A.H. Nayyar, R. Rajaraman, M.V. Ramana [June 24, 2004]

The Sri Lankan Peace Process
Asoka Bandarage [June 13, 2004]
The Future of The Indian Past
by Romila Thapar [April 2, 2004]
Islam, the Mediterranean, and the rise of capitalism
Jairus Banaji [November, 2003]
India: NCERT's Continuing Assault on History
Press Statement by Sahmat [June 2003]
Formation of Pakistan Social Forum and Joint Declaration [March, 2003]
Peace in South Asia: Pipe-Dream or Real Possibility?
by Rohini Hensman [March, 2002] 
The Taste of Grass
by Zia Mian [May, 1998]

Elsewhere on the web:

60th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Special Issue, 2005 - Peace Now - Journal of India's Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace Edited by Zia Mian And Smitu Kothari

The 'People's War' in Nepal
by Pankaj Mishra [June 23, 2005]
'Media Wants a byte not a book'
Rediff Interview with Romila Thapar
[February 14, 2005]
Reforming Our Universities
by Pervez Hoodbhoy
This warrior is fighting on
by Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti
[Jan 13, 2005]
Revolutionaries of another kind
by Achin Vanaik [Dec 27, 2004]

Passage to China
by Amartya Sen [NYRB, Dec 2, 2004]
Employment as a social responsibility
by Jean Drze
Human Rights, Relativism and Minorities in North-East India
by Rajesh Dev (October 23, 2004)
Can Pakistan Work? A Country In Search of Itself
by Pervez Hoodbhoy
[An essay and commentary on a book by Stephen P. Cohen, 'The Idea of Pakistan', the Brookings Institution, Washington, DC. Published in the October 2004 issue of Foreign Affairs]
India's gays awaken to bad dream Homosexuals have to fight centuries of social stigma
by Mike McPhate
Arun Kolatkar: A legend springs
by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra (October 8, 2004)
Unconvincing peace - Kashmir
by Ananya Jahanara Kabir
How not to win friends and influence people
by Zafar Sobhan

Large Dams In India -- Temples Or Burial Grounds?
by Angana Chatterji and Robert Jensen [September 21, 2004]
Book review: The legacy of an intellectual
by Tariq Rahman [August 23, 2008]
India's Sikhs: Waiting for Justice
by Barbara Crossette

Things I never knew about my father
by Hanif Kureishi [August 20, 2004]
Sri Lanka: The politics of faith and fold
by Vasuki Nesiah
[August 2004]
Bangladesh: Projects of Mass Destruction
by Anu Muhammad [July 27, 2004]
Soiled Hands: The Pakistan Army's Repression of the Punjab Farmers' Movement
Human Rrights Watch Report [July 21, 2004]   
Reinventing Pakistan
by Mohsin Hamid
Re-thinking Kashmir [Film Review]
by Beena Sarwar [June 27, 2004]
Pluralism and Qazi Hussain
Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy [June 19, 2004]
Another fling at Shariat
by I.A. Rehman
[June 8, 2004]
Calling India's freethinkers
By Meera Nanda
[May 22, 2004]
A Text without Author
Locating Constituent Assembly as Event

by Aditya Nigam
[May 22, 2004]
Minorities in South Asia
by I.A. Rehman
[May 5, 2004]
How deep shall we dig?
by Arundhati Roy
[April 25, 2004]
Bangladesh: The Ahmadiyya Community must be protected
Amnesty International [April 23, 2004]
Signature campaign demanding the removal of ban on the Ahmadiya books
When secular forces pave the fundamentalists' way
by Shahid Alam [April, 13, 2004]
Sri Lanka: Interim Report on General Elections 2004
Centre for Monitoring Election Violence
(April 7, 2004). [PDF file 735 kb]

Our demand today: Freedom from fear
by Sultana Kamal (March 8, 2004)
Pakistan: Inside the Nuclear Closet
Pervez Hoodbhoy (March 3, 2004)
Pakistan: Role of Intelligence and Political Islam
by Zia Mian [February 13, 2004]
[Audio recording]
Communal Darkness in Shining India
Asghar Ali Engineer (February 28, 2004)
The Many Faces of Nationalism
by Nandita Haksar
[January 2004]
A Feminist Analysis of the Genocide in Gujarat
A report by the International Initiative for Justice in Gujarat (December 10, 2003)
Who Murdered Daniel Pearl?
by William Dalrymple
[December 4, 2003]
Long Distance Call: Interview with Raju Rajgopal (November 7, 2003)
Teachers and War on Terrorism
by Nirmalangshu Mukherji [October , 2003]
Civilising civil society: Donors and democratic space in Nepal
by Seira Tamang [October , 2003]
[General Musharraf's Pakistan] The Colour Khaki by Tariq Ali [February 2003]
Genocide in Gujarat: The International Community Looks Away by Martha C. Nussbaum [Summer, 2003]
Turn Tragedy Into Opportunity: An Open Letter to the People of Pakistan by Judea Pearl [July 17, 2002]
Communalism and Identity among South Asians in Diaspora by Crispin Bates [Sept.2000]
The End of Imagination
by Arundhati Roy [1998]

Selections from links area:
Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Hamza Alavi - A Web Memorial
Neelan Tiruchelvam Trust
Arvind Gupta Toys & Books
Radio Free Nepal
Zubaan Books

Citizens Alert in the Wake of Tsunami Tragedy!

- CSFH Urges Responsible Giving [Steer Clear of Sectarian Groups Such as IDRF, HSS, Seva International and
] (2 Jan 2005)

- Help Reconstruct Lives & Communities
Beware of Funding Hate
: Press Release by AWAAZ South Asia (5 Jan 2005)

India Justice, the victim:
Gujarat state fails to protect women from violence

A report by Amnesty International (27 January 2005)

Speaking up for Secularism

Dhaka Intellectuals take on communal forces
[2 March, 2004, Dhaka]

Citizens protest against Hindutva
[6 December, 2003, Bangalore]

Anhad protest against Narendra Modi
[24 Nov. 2003, New Delhi]

Promise of India campaign


In Bad Faith?
British Charity and Hindu Extremism
by Awaaz - South Asia Watch
(London, February 2004)

The Foreign Exchange of Hate
(An investigation into the American funding of Hindutva)

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Communalism and Religious Fundamentalism in India: A Resource File
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